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World Anti-Doping Agency Coordinates Global Implementation of Sysmex Analyzers at All Blood Laboratories

Contributing to Clean and Fair Sports Management by Enhancing the Quality of Doping Tests

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has coordinated the simultaneous introduction of Sysmex’s XN-Series automated hematology analyzers at all WADA-accredited and approved laboratories throughout the world. Doping tests require results that are comparable and traceable over time, regardless of the testing institution or location. WADA selected our analyzers for their high level of measurement precision supported by our global quality assurance system.

Doping tests of blood samples taken from athletes as part of the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) program are conducted at WADA-accredited or approved laboratories around the world and in all sports, using consistent procedures. Along with the conventional direct method of doping tests, which involves testing for banned substances, the ABP indirect approach was introduced in 2009 to conduct accurate monitoring of blood variables to reveal blood manipulations. The ABP is routinely used throughout the world for two types of testing: tests to determine blood doping and urine tests to detect the use of steroids.

In adopting ABP, it is extremely important to ensure that the results of tests taken over time from athletes who move around the world can be compared and monitored with a high degree of accuracy and comparability, regardless of the testing location.
Sysmex is in the global healthcare business, playing an important role in people’s lives and health. As such, we have defined the responsible provision of products and services as a priority issue (materiality). As part of our activities, we provide hematology analyzers, which detect information related to red blood cell production with a high degree of sensitivity and reproducibility, helping the implementation of strict but fair doping tests.
In discussions with WADA, the organization decided to introduce Sysmex’s XN-1000 of the XN-Series, its flagship line of automated hematology analyzers that can measure blood variables to a higher degree of precision and comparison throughout the world, at all 30 WADA-accredited and approved laboratories that conduct ABP tests. Validation activities on these products are complete for almost all accredited and approved laboratories, and ABP blood tests for a host of international sporting federations and anti-doping agencies in various countries are set to commence in early June 2019 in preparation for upcoming major international sport events, including the Olympic Games and the Tour de France.
The decision to introduce the XN-Series at all accredited and approved laboratories stems from the instruments’ high measurement precision, our proprietary quality control service, and the high marks we have received for a robust support structure that delivers globally stable and highly reliable measurement results. For WADA, the full adoption of the XN-Series allows test results at individual laboratories to be accurately compared, resulting in higher-quality, more efficient and more streamlined ABP operations globally.

As a healthcare company, going forward Sysmex will leverage the technologies and expertise cultivated through in vitro diagnostics to realize an affluent and healthy society, and foster a fair competitive environment and the promotion of sports.

About the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

WADA, based in Montreal, Canada, was established in 1999 as an independent entity regulating all aspects of anti-doping in sports. The Agency’s aims are to eradicate doping in countries around the world and promote fair doping-prevention activities. As an international organization, WADA’s role is also to ensure consistency in international standards for doping tests, as well as in sanctions procedures for doping infractions.

*Information contained in the press release is current as of the date of the announcement, but may be subject to change without prior notice.

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